Ceramic bowl


Those bowls are all handmade by me. This is my favorite shape, perfect for cats or dogs.
How to chose the height ? The short one is perfect for food, raw or kibbles. Cats don’t like their moustache to touch the side of the bowl when they eat, so the short version is prefect for them. The tall version is more for water, or a really big portion of food.




Clay fired at a really high temperature. Food safe

The short version is below 1”1/2 height. The smallest the bowl is and the smallest its height will be to be proportionate. ( for example, 4” length will be 1” height)
The tall version is more than 1” 1/2.

Every bowl can go to the dishwasher and the Microwave. You can also freeze food in it.

The perfect dish for your pets

My ceramic bowls are made with the same technique as human dish. They can go to the dish washer and the microwave too. I made this bowls initially for my dog who eat raw food.
As you can see in this image, Pico have a set with the short bowl for his food and the tall one for the water.