Made for them and their needs

Every products I made was tested on my own dogs. This is what drove me to open Atelier Boreal, to offer my dog the best product made to fit their needs for the everyday life.
I'm located in Quebec city, every product is design and created by me.

About the owner

It's becoming difficult for me to identify with just one profession, but one thing I can say is that everything I do is towards pets. In my journey, I've studied a total of 6 years in various artistic fields (guitar making, visual arts, a degree in arts and animation sciences).

I started full-time pet photography in 2015. Although it's the medium I feel most comfortable with to convey emotion, I missed working with my hands. In 2018, I started pottery, I would say it was love at first sight! By 2019, I was making ceramic bowls for our four-legged friends. In 2021, I developed my slow feeder model which I still sell today! And sewing, well, I've been doing small sweater tests on my dog for years. When the pandemic hit, I couldn't do pottery or photography anymore... and there you go, I started sewing and it opened up more possibilities for Atelier.Boreal.

For me, Atelier.Boreal allows me to unwind; it soothes me in a certain way to work on different projects